About Us

We Four Lab established in year 1998 has gathered strenght over a decade as reputed Auurvedic Pharmacy Manufacturing health care products and catering to all segments of life nd continues to bring the benefits of Ayurveda by blending it with modern mehtods of production and standardization.

Our formulations have been manufactured using GMP and best quality practices adopted and monitored to ensure standardizated, safe and effective herbs as we as Extracts
Drawing inspiration form traditional wisdom and modern pharmaceutical screening studies, they server to enhance the therapeutic benefits while minimzing the detrimental side effects in your patients. They contain time tested Indian herbs that have been chosen for their best ability to work synergistically with each other.

We have conducted clinical trials and toxicity studies using standard protocal under supervision of eminent physicians. These studies have reassured us of their efficacy and safety and hence we recommend them to you.

We are hopeful that you will appreciate our continuous endeavor in seeking to alleviate human suffering now and in times to come.
Here's wishing good health to you and your patients.